About Us



Since the foundation of Maxell Ltd., in 1960; Maxell have successfully forged over 50 years of pioneering engineering excellence. Today, Maxell Ltd, is a highly respected, global manufacturer, specialising in energy, industrial materials and electronic appliances, which are distributed across EMEA. Maxell Ltd specialises across a number of key product groups; Projectors, Batteries, Audio Equipment and Data Storage.

Maxell Ltd., headquarters are in Maidenhead, UK and supports all regional offices and distributors throughout Europe with pan-European sales and distribution of market leading B2B and B2C products, including our industry-leading projectors. Maxell has pioneered game-changing industry advances since it was founded in 1982, including Short Throw Technology. Today, the projector offering caters to the needs of a broad range of installations, including corporate, education and large venues.

Maxell Ltd, provides cutting-edge, innovative technology for both the home and business environment. The company’s passion and expertise of combining their unique analogue technology along with the latest digital technology, seamlessly connects people, enriching the lives of everyone. Maxell remains committed to closely aligning all operations, to benefit the wider society and delivering diverse niche needs which resonate with people through peace of mind, security and comfort.

European Commitment

Maxell Ltd., trades in every major global market place and are at the forefront of the development and supply of state-of-the-art energy, memory media and sound and vision products. The diverse range offered today has been created as a direct result of understanding the needs of the marketplace and those of our customers throughout Europe. Our aim is to introduce solutions which are meticulously engineered, highly innovative and are ultimately unrivalled.

Global change is becoming ever more dynamic

Our corporate statement "Within the future" is a declaration of our vow that the Maxell brand will continue to meet the expectations of our customers and society in this age of information, knowledge and the empowered consumer. This statement embodies Maxell's commitment to continue to inspire coming generations with the latest products, systems and services, for a more vibrant society. It is also an expression of our strong commitment to boldly face whatever new challenges the times bring us: whatever comes next.